Lecture Overview Summer Term 2019


compulsory subjects & elective courses

no h   Lecture title Lecturer(s)
184.723 2.0 SE Seminar für DissertantInnen Dustdar, Schulte
184.202 2.0 SE Seminar für DiplomandInnen Dustdar, Schulte
184.714 5.0 PR Bachelorarbeit für Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik Dustdar, Schulte, Truong, Tsigkanos
184.194 2.0 SE Seminar in Distributed Systems Dustdar, Schulte, Truong, Tsigkanos, Lachner, Rausch, Murturi, Avasalcai
184.153 2.0 VU Distributed Systems Engineering Weidl-Rektenwald, Rausch
184.260 4.0 VU Distributed Systems Technologies Rausch, Lachner
194.058 4.0 PR Project in Computer Science 1 Dustdar, Schulte, Tsigkanos, Lachner, Rausch
194.059 4.0 PR Project in Computer Science 2 Dustdar, Schulte, Tsigkanos, Lachner, Rausch
184.738 3.0 VU Computer Networks Siegl
184.736 2.0 VO Pervasive and Mobile Computing Siegl
184.004 1.0 SE Kommunikationstechnik Cerwinka
184.032 1.0 SE Kommunikationstechnik Czak
184.228 2.0 SE Didaktik in der Informatik Weissenböck
195.079 2.0 VU Fundamental research methods for doctoral students Fitzpatrick, Egly, Huemer, Steininger, Schulte

Praktika, Bachelor and Master Theses

Several topics are available on the individual websites of the staff members. Of course you can also present your own topic if it fits the research area of the group. Please contact someone from the faculty staff per e-mail for further discussion and supervising.

Faculty staff