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Thomas Rausch

Ing. Dipl.-Ing., BSc

University Assistant


Short CV

Thomas is a university assistant and PhD student at the Distributed Systems Group of the Institute of Information Systems Engineering. After finishing his bachelor studies in 2014, he received a master's degree in Software Engineering & Internet Computing from TU Wien in 2016. Before joining the Distributed Systems Group, Thomas worked for three years as a software engineer at the industry-oriented research facility CDL-Flex, developing a data integration platform for systems engineering data and tools. He also has over four years of professional experience in Web application engineering. In 2018 he spent three months as a visiting researcher at IBM Watson Research in New York, working on systems to operationalize AI. His current activities include researching event-based systems for Edge computing applications, and Cloud/Edge engineering in the CPS/IoT ecosystem project.

Research Interests

  • Edge computing
  • Systems for AI
  • Event-based systems
  • Empirical software engineering



184.167 Distributed Systems UE, 3.0 ECTS
184.153 Distributed Systems Engineering VU, 3.0 ECTS
184.260 Distributed Systems Technologies VU, 6.0 ECTS
184.715 Project in Software Engineering & Internet Computing PR, 12.0 ECTS

Thesis & Project Supervision

I offer project topics and I am also happy to (co-)advise bachelor or master theses. In particular in the context of the CPS/IoT project there are a diverse range of topics to work on. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have an interesting topic you would like to work on!

Co-Supervised Theses

  • Philipp Raith, "Performance Evaluation of Java IO Models", Bachelor Thesis, TU Wien, 2018

Current Projects

The CPS/IoT Ecosystem is a collaborative effort between TU Wien, AIT, IST, and TTTech, to evaluate state-of-the art cyber-physical system and Internet of Things technologies, and build a unified CPS/IoT ecosystem for industrial and educational applications.


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  1. Thomas Rausch. "Build Failure Prediction in Continuous Integration Workflows." Diploma Thesis, TU Wien, 2016. Paper Presentation


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Vienna University of Technology
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A-1040 Wien, Austria


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